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We appreciate links from other sites, so we have created the following guidelines to help people who would like to link to us.

  • If you would like to link to a specific notes document, please direct users to the appropriate 'download details' page, eg

    This allows them to see some information about the file before they download it.

  • Please do not host our PDF files on your own webspace. By linking to our site, your users are guaranteed to receive the latest version.

  • You can use the following images as links to our site if you wish. They are to be used only for this purpose. Please do not modify them in any way (if you would like a custom image, please get in touch). You do not need to host the image on your webspace; simply set the src attribute to the address in grey. - Download Notes
    Please use this to link to 'download details' pages, or to the notes page of an individual course. - Higher Still Notes
    Please use this as a general link to the site. Forum - Free chat and help
    This can be used to link to the forum,

  • We would be happy to hear from anyone who has set up a link to HSN. We appreciate your comments and suggestions. We may also be able to set up a link to your site in return.

Thanks for your support!