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#97646 Higher Maths 2007 Solutions

Posted by nadoo on 15 May 2007 - 05:01 PM in Mathematics

Hi. I have a question about Paper 2 Q5b. I got the same answer that is in the solution but i used a different method.
I used the fact the we know the gradient at Q is 4 so i said the Gradient at P will be -4.
If the gradient is negative -4 then x - 8 = -4 therefore x = 4 and the y-coord is the same as Q so the point P is (4,10)
Please let me know if this makes any sense and if i would get the mark for it.
Thanks alot.

#97042 How did you find the exam?

Posted by nadoo on 11 May 2007 - 03:20 PM in English

Hi. I am a new user to this forum - i use the HSN notes and read the forum occasionally but decide to add a reply today after the English exam.
I thought the close reading was ok but I had to rush the last question.
For my essay i chose the poetry Q12 and wrote a good essay on Hotel Room 12th Floor
However my 2nd essay was Q11 on Marrakech. But i did not manage to finish this on time and only managed to get 2 good paragraphs done. But when the invigilator told us there was 10mnz left i done a conclusion and wrote as essay plan on the back including quotes i would have used if i had time.
Does anyone know if the markers will accept this and will they give me a decent mark for this essay.