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Objective questions £80

Ideal for quick tests throughout the year

A bank of more than 100 multiple choice questions covering topics from throughout the Higher Mathematics course.

The questions offer a quick way for you to check understanding of topics before moving on, or for giving extra practice of key skills.

These questions are absolutely indispensible. We have used them to make pupil booklets per unit, and the pupils love them.

- M T Fyfe
Hutchesons' Grammar School

The bank breaks down into 5 exercises with 20 questions in each:

-*- 3 end-of-unit tests -*- Units 1 and 2 test, for prelim preparation -*- Whole course test, for exam preparation

This is all provided online, through Quest, so you'll be able to search for questions on specific topics, and change the selection of questions in the exercises.

Free samples

Please take a look at some questions:


Once you purchase the questions, they will all be available in Quest, so you can easily find specific questions by topic, and make up your own exercises.

Here is how one of the sample questions appears in Quest:

Objective question in Quest