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Specially formatted notes From £10

Based on our popular free notes for Higher Maths

We've produced special versions of our free Higher Maths notes making them ideal for classroom use.

These are already widely used by teachers across Scotland as the basis for delivering the Higher course. The fresh, clean layout and straightforward style makes them popular with students.

I use HSN notes so that pupils don't waste time copying from the board - we discuss notes and complete worked examples together.

I think we have gone through the course more quickly this way.

- Pam Ruddock
The Glasgow Academy

The free notes have been downloaded more than 10000 times since they were released.

Interactive whiteboard files - 10

Sample These files contain every example from the notes, each on a separate page.

They are designed for teachers to use with interactive whiteboards, working through the questions with classes.

Pupils can copy this working into their set of notes, which has all the same examples and space provided for the solutions.

Download Samples

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Notes for pupils - 10

Sample Detailed notes on each Outcome, with working for all the examples blanked out.

This means pupils can complete the working in class while the teacher goes over the examples.

Pupils will also benefit from having a set of detailed, accurate notes to work with.

Sample pages

The first few pages from the notes on Straight Lines are available to download.

pdf Straight Lines Sample (PDF, 110KB)

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