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Integrative questions £50

Linking together different topics in the course

A bank of 100 questions linking concepts in the Higher Maths course.

There are 880 marks' worth of questions in the bank - that's more than 6 exam papers!

With such a large selection of questions, you can use them in homework and class tests throughout the year without repeating.

The following ready-made exercises are provided for you to download and photocopy:

This is all provided online, through Quest, so you'll be able to search for questions on specific topics, and change the selection of questions in the exercises.

What you will get

Once you order, you will have access to all this through the HSN extra website:

30 mark exercises

  • Straight Lines
  • Differentiation
  • Polynomials
  • Quadratics
  • Integration
  • Integration and Parabolas
  • Compound & Double Angle Formulae
  • Trig Equations
  • Circles
  • Vectors
  • Further Calculus
  • Further Calculus (Trig)
  • Further Calculus (Challenging)
  • Exponentials & Logarithms
  • Wave Functions

50 mark exercises

  • Unit 1 Exercise
  • Unit 2 Exercise 1
  • Unit 2 Exercise 2
  • Unit 3 Exercise
  • Topic: Straight Lines
  • Topic: Factorising Polynomials
  • Topic: Shaded Areas
  • Topic: Using Calculus
  • Mixed Questions