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Quick question about higher marking


Posted 14 March 2011 - 03:11 AM

Two questions;
1.I was just wondering if I'd lose marks for using
d^2 / d x^2
to determine the nature of a stationary point

I'm just asking this because I have taught maths for the past half year and am sitting the exam as an external student and on the marking instructions from sqa.org.uk it only says to award two marks for making a nature table, it says nothing about taking the second derivative at all so should I spend the time making a nature table or just stick with the second derivative?

2.Will I lose marks for using polynomial long division as opposed to synthetic division?

There's also stuff in the marking instructions about losing marks if you don't sketch an inverted graph before you shift it along y in sketch-a-graph questions so I don't know how strictly you have to stick to what's actually in the marking instructions and since I'm maths self taught I don't know exactly the ways that are taught in the higher (never even heard of synthetic division until I tried a past paper)
Thanks in advance! (:

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