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Investigation Unit What to do?! What do to?!


Posted 30 November 2007 - 11:43 AM

Hey everyone, I'm half way through the course, finished unit 2 and the Physiology unit, now onto my project and unit 1.

The thing is, I haven't a Scooby Do what to do for my investigation! My teacher showd me a few from a few past students and they look much better then anything I can think of! I origionally thought about Fertilisers on plant growth, but I don't know how long my seeds will take to germinate or even if the ferilisters will work within the short time space I have!

Now, some guy before me did an amazing project on the effects of heavy metal poisoning on germination and planty growth, and I was given this thing on algal balls, now I think my teacher is trying to give me a clue on what she wants me to do, but I don't know.

I recently worked at the SCRI over the summer holidays, and so I'm interested in the plant side of things so I've been trying to think of a plant based project but everything I come up with gets shot down in an instant for either being to long and complex or being too short and vague, what's a man to do?! sad.gif

So if anyone can give me hints or adivce or even tell me what you're doing so I can get some inspiration it would be grestly appricated!

Thanks again,

Ewan happy.gif

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