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AH Art & Design


Posted 31 May 2006 - 08:14 PM

hey im due to start the advanced higher art course on monday, but ive to have thought of a theme for my work before then... im just wondering what other people have done in the past, to give me ideas for my own?
thanks smile.gif


Posted 31 May 2006 - 10:32 PM

Im finishing the course next Friday.

Choose whether your going to do Expressive or Design.

Then pick a theme - something your interested in and want to look at further.

It doesnt matter even if its a really common theme either as long as you can get a good body of work from it. Some people seem to want to be "different" and do silly things like "Lust" or "cranes" blink.gif

My big sister did Death for her theme! How morbid, but she got an A.
I started of looking at Scotland's Culture and ended up looking a lot at Boats and Fishing. Sounds boring but you can get a lot out of it.

My best friend Lewis did Design for his AH. He made a coat - started of looking at punk styles and ended up looking at insects!

Nicole made a dress - she started off with an Indian theme and totally developed it.

A few folk have done "the ageing process", looking at portraiture. You could do taht but look at different things - the ageing process of plants, architecture, ....toys...hands.... you name it.

You could look at emotions - loneliness, happiness, sadness... If I were doing that one I might think of looking at people's eyes or something and how you can tell from just someones eyes (or mouth. or hair even!) when they are happy or sad or tired.

Decay - can lok at a wide range of objects - or people if you like blink.gif - flowers, old people, ...

Or you could look at some modern issue - global warming for instance. If oyu were doing design it would be a challenge to base a project on that though!

Some of these themes might seem stupid but its what the SQA/ Art Colleges seem to like. They love to see how you see things.

I'll post more when I think about it. smile.gif

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