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Self teaching any advice?


Posted 18 May 2006 - 01:05 PM

This year, becaue of the way the columns have worked out for the timetables - i can't do AH Maths and Geography... so, with the goahead of the Geography dept, im going to be self teaching AH Geography.

So basically. . . anyone know of stuff i could do at home to get me ahead a bit? Just so that I'm not disadvantaged to those with the teacher! Think if i know some stuff before I do it - might be in a stronger position to teach it myself.

Any books i should get? Anything i could start preparing / doing? thanks for the help!


Posted 18 May 2006 - 10:19 PM

That's cool that you're going ahead with AH Geography even though it clashes with AH Maths in the timetable.

For statistics you might find http://www.ltscotland.org.uk/nq/resources/...logysagt009.asp handy.

The sooner you start thinking about what you're going to do for your issues essay and your study the better, I guess.

The final exam only accounts for 30% of the overall mark so you don't need to worry about that much atm. Expanding OS map answers from Higher will be good practice (you have 20 or 30 marks to get down in the exam, with half a mark per point still all you get for each valid point you make!) - explaining the pros and cons of development in certain areas, potential conflicts between people with differing interests, etc. The Development and Health section of Higher also figures in the AH, and being able to explain in depth the correlations between certain health and wealth indicators will be useful.


Posted 19 May 2006 - 03:51 PM

i'm kind of getting self taught. i get two periods a week, which we used to go other work I was doing (ie study and essay) and I also did most of the GMT unit stuff in there, but I have self taught myself stats (because my teacher isnt good with them) and have found them ok to understand so far. I actually enjoyed it, it's probably more difficult than getting fully taught but it does develop your independent learning skills that should help at uni, and with other subjects. As bred said do your study and essay early (unlike me) and you'll really benefit, because i lost my pen drive I had to do all of my Geographical Folio in just over a week, and the quality will have to suffer.

Good luck!

and definately get a trip of some kind


Posted 19 May 2006 - 06:17 PM

Thanks for the help guys! biggrin.gif This'll help me get on the right track early on! Geography's my favourite subject and one I'm best at so this should make it slightly better! Looks like I'll need to really get the head down though! thanks!

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