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Advice on selecting a text


Posted 17 June 2004 - 03:29 PM

does any one have a suggestion of a gd personal study ? laugh.gif


Posted 17 June 2004 - 03:31 PM

QUOTE (kim_beattie @ Jun 17 2004, 03:29 PM)
does any one have a suggestion of a gd personal study ? laugh.gif

War Poetry.
Something like a comparison of the techniques used by different poets to convey the horrors of war.

That's what I did. Nice and easy.


Posted 17 June 2004 - 03:37 PM

QUOTE (kim_beattie @ Jun 17 2004, 04:29 PM)
does any one have a suggestion of a gd personal study ? laugh.gif

I (shall be boring and) suggest Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four. Of the six people to pass their special study first time in our class last year, two of them studied this novel.

You might be discouraged from doing it because it may seem like everyone does it, but a) does that really matter? and b) not that many people seem to do it anyway for this very reason.


Posted 17 June 2004 - 03:56 PM

i did crime and punishment by Doeteovsky which is 501 pages and i really enjoyed it but is't by any means a good choice.

Books you could do is "To kill a Mocking Bird" or anything by John Steinbeck except perhaps "Of Mice and Men"


Posted 17 June 2004 - 03:58 PM

Novels are very long tho.

Poetry is much, much easier to do and you can concentrate more.


Posted 17 June 2004 - 04:12 PM

yes but some teachers insist on a novel and it doesn't really matter because you are allowed notes anyway and its a long process from reading the book to doing the assessment so nothing is really gained i feel personally


Posted 17 June 2004 - 08:52 PM

I did "Pride and Prejudice" and it was great as there is so much you can write about. It is also good for using in the final exam as i fits into many many questions. I took me ages to chose though so have fun... smile.gif


Posted 18 June 2004 - 04:05 PM

I did 'The Invisible Man' by Ralph Ellison. It was really good and there were lots of themes to write about. smile.gif rolleyes.gif


Posted 19 June 2004 - 11:32 AM

I did a poem. I read a book and thought it sucked, so I just decided I'd not risk wasting any more time, and did a poem. I passed first time, which I was really pleased about.


Posted 19 June 2004 - 08:24 PM

I did a book and it was great: Its called

"The life and loves of a she-devil" by Faye Weldon

Its absolutely great there is so much to write about and analyse but here's a brief summary:

Its about a tall and rather ugly woman called who's accountant husband leaves her for his young blonde client. She then embarks on a very outlandish but yet extremely humorous revenge plan. She burns down their shared house and drives the children to Mary Fisher's (the blonde) house to stay with their father. She does so much like becoming a feminist, living (and sleeping) with a priest, getting her husband put in jail because she sleeps with the judge, its hilarious really but the best bit comes at the end. Her children are in care. Her husband is in jail and Mary Fisher dies whilst he's there. When he gets back out Ruth has had plastic surgery to look just like her and torments him before eventually dumping him. Its the best book I've read in a long time.


Posted 19 June 2004 - 09:10 PM

What a surprise there was an accountant in it tongue.gif rolleyes.gif


Posted 19 June 2004 - 11:43 PM

I did "I'm the King of the Castle" by Susan Hill purely to annoy my English teacher [he claimed that the novel was far too simple for me and that I'd never be able to form a good enough essay on it]

I passed first time. Woohaha!

I reckon you should read a few books over the summer holidays and choose the one that appealed to you most.


Posted 20 June 2004 - 01:51 PM

I just sat my Higher English a few months ago and I used "Tooth & Nail by Ian Rankin" as my text. I enjoyed this text, and enjoyed the "Inspector Rebus" trilogy (well I've only read about 3 of them!)

My advice would be pick a book, that has substance to write about, but more importantly is a book that you enjoyed. I couldn't imagine writing an exteneded essay of (about) 1500 words on a book that I didn't enjoy!

Read a few books, and then pick your favourite!


Posted 20 June 2004 - 04:14 PM

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee is a really good book to do your Personal Study on. I passed second time but then again so did all of my class and we were the top group!


Posted 21 June 2004 - 09:27 AM

QUOTE (Martin @ Jun 19 2004, 09:10 PM)
What a surprise there was an accountant in it tongue.gif rolleyes.gif

Who cares? I passed first time. It was a truely exciting book (and I hate reading), the accountant in it is an irrelevant detail really. I mean you think how I described it was event packed I didnt even put half of whats in it in that summary. It certainly could not be described as being dull


Posted 21 June 2004 - 03:17 PM

I did "The Color Purple" by Alice Walker. I looked at how Celie overcame the oppression of women at the time to become a strong, independant woman.

It's a good book. Bit weird, though.


Posted 21 June 2004 - 05:17 PM

I did "Persuasion" by Jane Austen and failed first time. I don't know about anyone else, but I wouldn't recommend doing 19th century (or older) literature. Personally, I hated the book and the protagonist which made it even harder to write on. I can only suggest the texts my friends did last year and what they're doing this year so here are some ideas for you:
  • The Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold (I'm reading it right now and loving it but my teacher argues it's really more for Int 2 than Higher)
  • Perfume - Patrick Suskind (Teacher thought it would be great but the two people who did it failed first time)
  • The Piano Tuner - Daniel Mason (English teacher loved it, I plan on reading it after Lovely Bones)
  • The Lord of the Flies - William Golding (Person who did this passed first time, apparently there is LOTS in it to write critically on)
  • A room with a view - E.M. Forster (English teacher loves it my friend who did it hated it and failed first time round)
  • Atonement - Ian McEwan (My friend said it was really tough and failed first time. Haven't read this text but have read another and thought it was fantastic)
  • Enduring Love - Ian McEwan (I've read this and it's slightly weird but I loved it. I reckon you could get a great essay out of it)
  • The Child in Time - Ian McEwan (Ditto the above)
  • I know why the caged bird sing - Maya Angelou (Not sure how hard this is, my friend struggled for an essay title and failed first time)
  • Butcher Boy - Patrick McCabe (Person who did this found it relatively straightforward. Passed first time)
  • Chocolat - Joanne Harris (Big favourite in my class, although all three people who did it failed first time. Apparently lots to write critically on)

If you decide to go against my advice and stay away from modern literature here are some possible texts:
  • Anything by Jane Austen (PLEASE DON'T DO PERSUASION!!!)
  • 1984 - George Orwell
  • Animal Farm - George Orwell
  • Anything by Charles Dickens
  • The thirty-nine steps - John Buchan
  • Anything by Shakespeare although Macbeth is a favourite.
  • Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte
  • Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte

I hope this helps you!

Laura xxx

p.s - I failed first time but I did pass on my second attempt as did almost all those mentioned above!


Posted 21 June 2004 - 05:54 PM

i think that there is little that can go wrong in picking a book really just stay away from anything you have done in lower years and you will easily pass because you have notes and you will have been reading the book all the time anyway

A kind of a tip is to pick a book the teacher hasn't read before if at all possible as i know of someone who passed first time and had never even finished the book just made a good techincal eassy and made a good impression on the teacher biggrin.gif

Of couse i am not suggesting you don't actually read the book because thats far to dangerous but it shows how easy it is to pass because at the end of the day its just another NAB


Posted 24 June 2004 - 04:16 AM

again, i have to say - do poetry for your personal study. it's less to look at so it is more managable.

trust me. poetry!


Posted 25 June 2004 - 08:57 AM

I didn't know you could do poetry for your personal study. We were just told to do a book.

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