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#96444 Zombies

Posted by ice_illusion on 30 April 2007 - 10:42 PM in General Chat

Interesting choice of topic. Is there something you need to tell us? Maybe you are a zombie and are planning an attack and want to know what you're up agaisnt?

I'd probably just run for the hills, coward that I am. I could carry out stealth attacks from my secret mountain base if need be.

#87748 Your work

Posted by ice_illusion on 19 August 2006 - 05:29 PM in Art

Oooh, thats amazing Sharon!

I've just remembered I got my old SG stuff home before the summer. If I ever get round to scanning it I'll put something up.

#98013 Worried about essays... Any tips and advice?

Posted by ice_illusion on 18 May 2007 - 08:37 PM in Biology

QUOTE(englisher @ May 18 2007, 04:56 PM) View Post
QUOTE(xpurple_starsx @ May 18 2007, 11:36 AM) View Post
As far as I know bullet points aren't allowed, at least they weren't when I did Higher.

Hmm... That's weird as that's what I've always done and I get full marks for them, like in the prelim. sad.gif
You've made me super nervous smile.gif

I didn't think you were either, it'd be safer just to stick the bullet points as sentances, it's the same stuff just written in a straight line. Don't worry about it.

I'd agree with Pete about looking at the essay question first, then doing the paper. often some of the questions in the earlier part of the paper will trigger your memory. Also you might be subconciously sorting it out in your brain while you do the rest of the paper.

If you tend to go off on a tangent or loose marks for irrelevancy try writing a few key points down before doing the essay. A little list of things important to the question should help you stay on the right track and answer the question even if you know more about something related.

I think if you've looked over all the questions from previous papers you're doing better than I did last year. If you're worried about essays on certain areas coming up, make a question about it up. Or get someone to make it up, I expect someone on the forum could.

But don't worry too much about the essays, just learn up your notes and itll be fine. You lot sound much more prepared than I was.

#92105 worried about complete and utter failure

Posted by ice_illusion on 16 December 2006 - 12:46 AM in English

You just have to make a list of quotes, then try to cut it down so you just have 1-3 quotes for points you could make, eg on a character or a theme. If you can use quotes to do two or more things all the better. You can try and concentrate your quotes into a couple of key scenes.

And get a book called "How To Pass Higher English" It is really good. I managed to get a decent B with that and I have absolutely no skill at english.

#90025 Work

Posted by ice_illusion on 09 October 2006 - 09:32 PM in General Chat

I'm a waitress, at least I have the title. All the American tourists have went home now so I haven't worked for a few weeks.

#98016 Who's Finished their exams?

Posted by ice_illusion on 18 May 2007 - 08:49 PM in Other

Im jealous of you lot who've finished exams.
Only a quarter of the way throooough. T_T
But then it's back on the first for a BBQ and then never again.

#98873 Who's Finished their exams?

Posted by ice_illusion on 29 May 2007 - 01:32 PM in Other


Hopefully off to uni in october, if not it's uni in September. Either way I can't wait, although summer should be fun.

#87110 which e-social class are you in

Posted by ice_illusion on 09 August 2006 - 11:03 AM in General Chat

Your neighbourhood is categorised in the E-Society classification as being in group E : E-independents and type E14 : Rational utilitarians. Full descriptions are below.

Group E : E-independents
This Group tends to take a rational and considered view of electronic communications and technologies. These people are not interested in mobile phones, texting or the Internet as lifestyle accessories; they do not feature as major topics of conversation within the social networks to which they belong and they do not provide a significant focus for leisure activity. However people are reasonably well equipped and use the Internet to search for information, to buy products and to undertake transactions where there are obvious efficiency benefits.

Type E14 : Rational utilitarians
This Type tends to have access to the Internet at home and to use it extensively for shopping for groceries, wines, apparel, books and holidays, and for transacting financial services. Many of these people live in the countryside and beyond the reach of cable television services. These people do not tend to use computers for playing games or as a form of leisure activity. Not being particularly heavy readers of computer magazines, these people treat the computer as a tool rather than as an end in itself.

#98010 Where can you find the grade boundaries for 2006

Posted by ice_illusion on 18 May 2007 - 08:22 PM in Biology

Hope it's not too late but if you go to the SQA website. Under the NQ subjects click biology, then go to the bit when it says Principal assesors report, then it's just under 2006 AH.

#98650 Where can I say rockfall and mudflow is common?

Posted by ice_illusion on 27 May 2007 - 09:13 PM in Geography

Bred, you're amazing.

Now why have I never even heard of a rockflow before? That's the second thing today. And what else haven't I heard of that will probably come up in the exam tomorrow.

#96471 What's On Your Mind

Posted by ice_illusion on 01 May 2007 - 07:17 PM in General Chat

See you don't know our 1st years. They're the sort who thought, as a special easter treat, they'd throw mini eggs at me. And the 1st years like me, they think hitting the other prefects is perfectly acceptable. Honestly, they've ruined our year. We weren't allowed to to much of the usual 6th year stuff in case we set a bad example. Not that they need a bad example. And I really really want to leave, glad I stayed on for 6th year but now it's time to go.

I need to get some stuff for the last day. Some people have got really cool things planned, which I shall not mention, but I need sticky notes. Hundreds of them. And a sign. And possible some biohazard tape if I can get hold of it. And I need a plan to protect the school ducks.

#91162 What's On Your Mind

Posted by ice_illusion on 22 November 2006 - 08:47 PM in General Chat

We really needed to know that last detail Lindsay.

#90384 What's On Your Mind

Posted by ice_illusion on 24 October 2006 - 05:01 PM in General Chat

Thats quite sweet. Give him a chance, he might be less of a tosser than usual. Or if he's not you have all the more reason to laugh at him.

#90400 What's On Your Mind

Posted by ice_illusion on 24 October 2006 - 11:05 PM in General Chat

QUOTE(Lindsay @ Oct 24 2006, 06:09 PM) View Post

He's a year younger than me. He's wee and skinny. He thinks he's cool when he's anything but.

It's a great big no-no.

Ok. Sounds annoying now.

#94572 What's On Your Mind

Posted by ice_illusion on 05 March 2007 - 09:56 PM in General Chat

I tried to look at the eclipse but it wasn't hugely eclispe like at the times I looked. There was one point when it looked like there was two moons which were slightly overlapping. I went out at the time it was supposed to be ecilpsed but it just looked a bit darker than normal.
I was quite disapointed, the moon can be very pretty.

#91159 What's On Your Mind

Posted by ice_illusion on 22 November 2006 - 08:12 PM in General Chat

QUOTE(Lindsay @ Nov 21 2006, 09:31 AM) View Post

I have decided that there is no way that this is just a cold.

It is the Black Death.

I hurt everywhere sad.gif

SO I'm going to the doctor. My new drugs say if I get a fever or any sign of infection, to go see my GP. So off I trot.

Also means no uni for Lindsay. Hoorah! It's my busy day too, I don't think I could handle the stress. Or the stairs. I nearly died yesterday going to the fourth floor of the James Weir. I'm not terribly fit at the best of times, but throw in a few cold symptoms and I'm dead.

Sounds like the flu. You had better get better right now and that's an order.

I could swear I had something interesting to say. Hmph.

Anyone do/did social dancing at school? They seem to expect the 6th years to know all the dances. We've only been doing half of them 5 years. I remembered the primary ones. We need a jokey smug nodding smily.

#89643 What's On Your Mind

Posted by ice_illusion on 02 October 2006 - 06:57 PM in General Chat

If my guidance teacher wasn't in the process of writing my reference I would give him a piece of my mind. dry.gif My PS will turn into the biggest, geekiest cheesefest ever if I listen to him, it's already bad enough. And I'm afraid that my hobbies are all boring and normal - I like going out with my friends, speaking on internet chat rooms to people I don't know, listening to music and long walks on the beach. They don't care. I've put my insrument on.
And why does it have to be him anyway? The one teacher in the entire school who just makes me clam up completely. I know I can be quiet but I'm better than monosylablic most of the time. *grumps*

And I have a lump on my head. Ran into someone with a very hard head during hockey. Only missed his glasses by a fraction.

#93921 What's On Your Mind

Posted by ice_illusion on 12 February 2007 - 11:34 PM in General Chat

QUOTE(miss macleod @ Feb 12 2007, 06:37 PM) View Post
QUOTE(ice_illusion @ Feb 12 2007, 06:11 PM) View Post
Ah, my church (which I don't go to, it feels so awkward) is just the morning. Then the minister rushes off to another church and is kept busy by that church.
YF? The only YF I can think of is Young Farmers and the only Young Farmers I know of enjoy getting trashed and then trashing peoples property.

Hmmm. YF. It is rather like the Secret Service. happy.gif

Muahaha not really. Its basically just a pile of over-exagerrated and animated religious student-nuts that all wear teh same bright orange t-shirts with "JESUS LOVES US" on the back that all gather around a log fire and sing Kum Bah Yah (along with other Hymns) with crap guitar players, followed by a night-long session of Open Prayer, Healing and the eating of mana.

Psshhhh. Not.

Really, its just a kind of ....getting-together of any of the students in the church that wants to come along... (usually around 20 - 30 of them), squashing about 9 students into each car (there are never enough and often you get one or two people squashed in the boot,) driving to someones house or flat....then a bit of "religious discussion" as they say, then lots and lots of fooood, followed by... a lot of silly happenings ...etc. (haha, resulted in me fallling of a piano yesterday)

Its great fun. Honestly. ph34r.gif

Oh and there are plenty of nice boys that go.

That doesn't sound so bad. Beats the other YF anyway.

Pfft. Physics is less of a waste of time than those arts subjects. *nose in air*

I am sure there was something else to say. Maybe I should just give up.
Oh, maths wasn't as hopeless as itloked it might be. Don't think I got many right answers but it's the working that gets marks anyway.

#96475 What's On Your Mind

Posted by ice_illusion on 01 May 2007 - 09:50 PM in General Chat

Our first years aren't allowed in the school garden. It's walled and you have to go past the attendance officer to get to it.

Ours stoned a seagull too. Mean gits, they've been swapping notes. They put a hose into some randoms house the same week, ruined the carpet. That was a bad week, they did something to a cat as well, forgot what it was but I remember being completely shocked.
I will win the my first years are worse than your first years competition. tongue.gif
But it's crap. We were scared of the prefects when we were their age. Prefects were allowed to throw us around if they so choose and that worked. I hate hate how they've all got their rights now. "I'll report you"

And i have realised I need to send of my UCAS reply by tomorrow. Crap.

#92314 What's On Your Mind

Posted by ice_illusion on 22 December 2006 - 06:46 PM in General Chat

I want a job on retail. Sounds easier than waitressing. And there might even be work in winter.

Glad I'm not working now though. Feel pretty crap. Got the cold. And I'm sore all over. It was the Christmas dance, I've pulled all my muscles from the ceilidh. Theres a move called the basket, anyone done that? (two guys, two girls, stand in a square and the boys lift the girls up by the waist and the girls hold onto the guys shoulders, then they get spun around). If you don't quite get held up properly it pulls all the muscles down your sides and you shoulders.
But it was a good night. I managed not to realised someone had stood on me with a stiletto until I got home and sore the mark.

#95802 What's On Your Mind

Posted by ice_illusion on 08 April 2007 - 11:43 PM in General Chat

I didn't get double pay either. sad.gif People didn't even tip well, actually they tipped quite crapply which is just rude.

You've murdered him!

#100058 What's On Your Mind

Posted by ice_illusion on 08 August 2007 - 05:45 PM in General Chat

QUOTE(tuppence @ Aug 8 2007, 09:26 AM) View Post
QUOTE(Scott @ Aug 7 2007, 11:31 PM) View Post
I've got a date tomorrow night with a girl from Ladieswear.


Scott likes a gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl!!

I am going on an all day binge-drinking session with my workmates. I should go get ready, but instead have cracked open the Kopparberg. Yes, bar wenches start drinking at 9:30am. We are a classy bunch.

Is this wrong?

Yes, waitresses don't get up til after that. tongue.gif At least on their days off anyway.

We'd ran out of beer today at work. There was a distinct lack of people working.

#95939 ^>V

Posted by ice_illusion on 09 April 2007 - 07:16 PM in General Chat

^Is just trying to increase her postcount
>Can't spell
v Wants to hit john

#95840 ^>V

Posted by ice_illusion on 09 April 2007 - 03:39 PM in General Chat

^ is right
< Thinks it should be >
v Agrees with me.

#95844 ^>V

Posted by ice_illusion on 09 April 2007 - 03:46 PM in General Chat

^is lying
<will probably hit the wrong person as theres 5 people who might be posting at this very second
v name begins with J.