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#16981 Most ever users online

Posted by Kevin_Kilbane on 26 March 2005 - 05:17 PM in General Chat

Most users ever online was 244 on Dec 13 2004, 01:33 AM

Why were there so many users on at half one in the morning on a Monday morning?


#33780 AHBM Archive 2004-2005

Posted by Kevin_Kilbane on 05 June 2005 - 08:01 AM in Homework and Revision Help


Section 1 hardly made sense. I done Questions 9 and 10.

I knew a lot of advantages for Force Field Analysis but only one disadvantage and for the Personal Qualities I disucssed Fayol with reference to Mintzberg.

#15492 Young Enterprise Exam

Posted by Kevin_Kilbane on 27 February 2005 - 12:10 PM in General Chat

Anyone had it?

Mines is tomorrow. How did everyone study for it?

#19488 Scotland

Posted by Kevin_Kilbane on 16 April 2005 - 09:09 PM in General Chat

Im leaving Scotland - circumstances permitting - to go down to London/England.

Its not all beautiful scenery and that...

#23398 Specimen Paper

Posted by Kevin_Kilbane on 15 May 2005 - 01:59 PM in Geography

Cheers Bred,

You've been some help to my Geo studying over the past couple of days.


#23395 Specimen Paper

Posted by Kevin_Kilbane on 15 May 2005 - 01:55 PM in Geography

Does anyone have a link to it?

#14735 Friends at Uni?

Posted by Kevin_Kilbane on 16 February 2005 - 10:17 PM in General Chat

Go up to the best looking girl and say "Is this seat free?". Then go, yeah I didnt know there was going to be girls as good looking as you on this course. SO glad I chose it.


Maybe you should just keep it until your a bit drunk....

#17126 Extended Essay Question

Posted by Kevin_Kilbane on 29 March 2005 - 05:06 PM in History

Last year, my teacher - like Bred's - said write as much as you can.

She said the better candidates write to the examiner says stop.

I don't think it matters about the words. I wrote 12 pages last year. What matters is that you get quotes in and write similarly to the way you've done in your practices.

#16849 Glasgow University Applicants Visit Day [Tommorow]

Posted by Kevin_Kilbane on 22 March 2005 - 07:58 PM in General Chat

All the good ones taken.....

Im not laugh.gif

#16094 Psyhcology Prelim

Posted by Kevin_Kilbane on 13 March 2005 - 08:41 PM in Other

I think Im dropping it.

#16044 Psyhcology Prelim

Posted by Kevin_Kilbane on 13 March 2005 - 10:31 AM in Other

Got this on Tuesday and the studying for it is doing my head in. Thank godness Im not doing it at Uni.

Anyway, what did people think of theirs and what were the most common questions?

#16811 Glasgow University Applicants Visit Day [Tommorow]

Posted by Kevin_Kilbane on 22 March 2005 - 03:06 PM in General Chat

I am just home.

Went for a curry in the Ashoka in Ashton Lane and now am regretting it (as usual). Sight Ive never seen up the West End, a junkie going "lads" some dosh. laugh.gif

Abseloutely loved it. Going to Firmly Accept my offer for Accounting with International Accounting soon.

Found the Professors extremely friendly, the Students helpful and the Library and Sports Facilities are amazing.

#16413 Psyhcology Prelim

Posted by Kevin_Kilbane on 17 March 2005 - 07:39 PM in Other

Its crap.

Our tutor is crap. We only got the report in March and we are expected to meet deadlines when we get the notes.

Glad I dropped it.

#16836 Glasgow University Applicants Visit Day [Tommorow]

Posted by Kevin_Kilbane on 22 March 2005 - 07:18 PM in General Chat

Have to say, I wasnt overly impressed by the females huh.gif

#15092 Psychology Nab

Posted by Kevin_Kilbane on 21 February 2005 - 10:00 PM in Other

Is it not because some people were handed out the Old Higher material then only got the new stuff in September. That happened to me.

#17119 Growth of German nationalism Essay

Posted by Kevin_Kilbane on 29 March 2005 - 04:42 PM in History

Zollverin - increased Prussian economic strength and brought together the German states and gave a sense of unity and pushed out Austria.

There is a good Carr quote along the lines of "The Zollverein was the unifying factor"

#15726 Computer Science...

Posted by Kevin_Kilbane on 03 March 2005 - 05:18 PM in General Chat

At Glasgow I am going for Accounting and Economics.

Take it that counts as two subjects? Can I choose another one from any faculty e.g. film studies, history, maths?

#39247 Glasgow University Preregistration

Posted by Kevin_Kilbane on 04 July 2005 - 01:20 PM in General Chat

I got an e-mail to my old Hotmail address.

#22110 What to study...

Posted by Kevin_Kilbane on 11 May 2005 - 02:34 PM in Geography

Ive studied half of the course but with 4 days to go, I need to know what I really should be covering.

So, can anyone give me any help on what to study?

Ive thought:

Lithosphere - Coasts/Glaciation

Development and Health/RLD - Same as every year.

The rest: HELPP unsure.gif

#16874 Strathclyde Business School Open Day

Posted by Kevin_Kilbane on 23 March 2005 - 09:09 PM in Course Choices

Outside its a tip, inside (John Anderson) is alright but in general the other buidlings arent too good.

Not for me.

#16861 Strathclyde Business School Open Day

Posted by Kevin_Kilbane on 23 March 2005 - 05:51 PM in Course Choices

Anyone at it today?

It was perhaps the most skankiest University I have ever been too/see. The place is falling to bits like my school.

Felt the course/lecturers made it far too like school.

Glasgow for me!

#16865 Strathclyde Business School Open Day

Posted by Kevin_Kilbane on 23 March 2005 - 07:23 PM in Course Choices

Its like the Lazer Quest.

The GUU at Glasgow and QM are the best.

Found it funny though because there was this student there talking about student life and he would not stop going on about booze, booze, booze. He was like, "aye if yer stressed, just go for a pint" or "on Freshers week I was sober for about wan hour". Haha Loved it.

Quite a number of neds there too...

#19622 specemin question paper

Posted by Kevin_Kilbane on 18 April 2005 - 04:26 PM in Accounting

Not got a marking scheme, but I think the Electricity figure is wrong in Question 1. My answer comes out at 10.4...

Could you tell me what the bar surplus is?

#19931 Strathclyde Business School Open Day

Posted by Kevin_Kilbane on 20 April 2005 - 09:16 PM in Course Choices

u r not there for the furniture and surroundings- u r there to learn,

And the 12 floor Main Library at Glasgow containing 1.5 million books is quite a nice place to learn. Added to this is the numerous other libraries for each faculty as well as the numerous computing facilties such as the Reading Room, Glasgow's an excellent place to learn. wink.gif

As for the surroundings? Stuck in Townhead with buildings almost crumbling...

meet new people

Thats the point of University but at Glasgow I am happy with the broad diversity of students coming not only from Scotland but from down South and abroad such as USA, Estonia, Finland...

and the atmosphere

IMO, I'd say Glasgow's the best student Campus in the UK - West End is studen friendly, Ashton Lane is great as well as the two Unions.

i loved it and nobody can change my views about it.

Its important you like the place. Its important your happy there. I didnt like Strathlcyde, you did. I love Glasgow, you don't. Each to our own...

o YEH and the lecture theatre in the John Anderson building was v. modern actually!

Not like some of them I was at in the Open Day. Seats falling to part - worse than my school and thats saying something laugh.gif

IN FACT i did not come across anything that put me off with the place.

I did. The lecturers treating you like you are at school. The University getting people to take you to and from places - we're not 5 years olds. Having to pick 4 subjects where as at Glasgow they are already picked for your. The crap Union. The crap area. The lack of student friendlyness. Glasgow's "classic" reputation.

Strathclyde over Glasgow any day

Each to our own.

#20015 specemin question paper

Posted by Kevin_Kilbane on 21 April 2005 - 04:35 PM in Accounting

Can anyone tell me the answers to Question 1.

My Balance Sheet is messed up.