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#99279 Big Brother 2007

Posted by andymckenzie1 on 09 June 2007 - 04:29 PM in General Chat

QUOTE(Lindsay @ Jun 8 2007, 07:24 PM) View Post
I also hate Charley. And tuppy, I can see where you're coming from on the Stephen Fry thing. I fancy Sean Connery. It's the accent. Wooft.


Yeah, I don't know about the whole Emily thing... She shouldn't have said it. I mean, it's not PC. And especially after the race row in January, she should bloody well know better. Especially seeing as she's a supposedly educated person.

I think it was Derek Laud of BB6 said in the Sun today (I too, obviously, am an educated person) something along the lines of, "Is she going to have her reputation tarnished from here on in for one slip up?"

Why in God's name Jade Goody got away with what she did for about two weeks is baffling though.

Hmm, quick to condemn anti-black or anti-asian rascism I notice. Take it Scott's anti-irish comments just don't count because we're all white?

#99227 Post your desktop!

Posted by andymckenzie1 on 06 June 2007 - 06:13 PM in General Chat

Why did mine get deleted?

#99202 What's On Your Mind

Posted by andymckenzie1 on 05 June 2007 - 04:27 PM in General Chat

QUOTE(The Wedge Effect @ Jun 5 2007, 03:59 PM) View Post
Man, it has been so long since I went on this forum. So much to read that I'm not gonna bother. I just thought I'd update y'all on my present internet situation. See, I moved into a flat a month ago. Virgin Media has been a total arse about arranging internet. Contacted them three times, and three weeks after I first applied, they FINALLY got round to responding. Guess what? Despite the website itself clearly saying it was available in my area, the guy who contacted me was spouting bullshit about how it would cost 200,000 to lay the cable for the internet in my area, which didn't have it available. Very odd. Anyway, got a BT line connected, and is now waiting for Be Broadband to connect me to their 24Mbps service. happy.gif So, in about two to four weeks, I'll be online properly. w00t!

In the meantime, I'm gonna get drunk at my flatwarming party in a couple of weeks. happy.gif

Catch y'all later!

Were you in central last night, thought I saw you?

#99166 The Football Thread

Posted by andymckenzie1 on 04 June 2007 - 03:45 PM in General Chat

Hope Rangers buy Stevie Naismith. He's probably the most overrated player in the SPL.

#98930 How many subjects are you studying?

Posted by andymckenzie1 on 29 May 2007 - 10:09 PM in New Sixth Years

did 7 ah

#98671 What are you listening to?

Posted by andymckenzie1 on 27 May 2007 - 11:29 PM in General Chat

Wolfe Tones - Boys of the Old Brigade biggrin.gif

#98633 What's On Your Mind

Posted by andymckenzie1 on 27 May 2007 - 08:06 PM in General Chat

Sorry to go over old ground but this needs cleared up:

See the Scientology thread... I agree with you Scott in that I have no idea why Paddy thinks you support Hearts.

BUT "There's a certain irony to someone called "paddyb67" calling other people sectarian!" is quite obviously sectarian.

Would you say it was ironic if someone with the sign in name "MuslimNo1" made a post about 9/11 - the inference being that a ethnic or religious group is responsible for a few of its individuals' actions? I doubt you would and if you did you would immediately be banned. This is why paddyb67 is annoyed don't no how to make that any clearer mate.

#98518 LOST finale coming up soon!

Posted by andymckenzie1 on 25 May 2007 - 10:04 PM in General Chat

Anyone else watch it?

#98516 Exam 2007

Posted by andymckenzie1 on 25 May 2007 - 09:52 PM in Biology

I thought the exam was far too easy to be honest. You are all saying you find the problem solving aspect difficult but it is perhaps the most insulting piece of "examination" I have ever had to undertake. I hope it doesn't sound arrogant but when the "problem solving" is roughly equivilent to intermediate 1 Maths. I could understand difficulties in recalling facts about biology but the problem solving is so easy.