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#101456 Exam Tomorrow

Posted by Allan_r_123 on 04 June 2008 - 09:20 PM in Administration


Think I am just about the only one sitting this exam tomorrow haha...

Just wondering how anyone else is feeling about it if there is anyone else out there sitting it?

It's my last one so I'm quite happy and just pleased to get over it, been through all my notes today and did practical 2007 and 2006 pastpapers just there.

Think I am gonna do one more practical paper and look over last minute theory before hitting the hay! ;P

Good luck! smile.gif

#101452 Exam 2008 Post Mortem

Posted by Allan_r_123 on 02 June 2008 - 11:07 PM in Computing

So how did you find the exam?

All in all I would say it was quite a fair paper, however I found it quite tricky at parts. They worded a few questions a bit different this year and seemed to change a couple of things about a bit in terms of how they asked them.

Hopefully wit my full marks coursework project I will be alright though! ;P

How dya'll think you done?

#101447 Good Luck for Tomorrow

Posted by Allan_r_123 on 01 June 2008 - 08:14 PM in Computing

Yeh I have been off all of May on study leave basically as my exams have been quite late this year and all my mates are now finished! It's quite hard to keep motivated when everyone else is out celebrating tonight exams being over whilst I have computing tomorrow then Admin on Thursday ;l

Very difficult to keep motivated indeed. lol

However, I have spent the past few hours tonight going through all sections and revising everything in general. Done pastpapers to death, so think I am gonn ahave a wee break but take my pastpapers down to my girlfriends with me and just read through some of them and test myself.

I just want it over with now lol.

Anything you guys particularly dont want to come up or anything?

#101444 Good Luck for Tomorrow

Posted by Allan_r_123 on 01 June 2008 - 06:50 PM in Computing

You done much studying?

I am really lacking motivation tonight and could really see it far enough

#101441 Good Luck for Tomorrow

Posted by Allan_r_123 on 01 June 2008 - 04:40 PM in Computing

To be honest I think I see to be the only one sitting this exam tomorrow, lol, but anyway good luck if there is anyone else out there sitting higher computing! =)

#101430 2008 Exam- How did it go for you?

Posted by Allan_r_123 on 29 May 2008 - 08:31 PM in Modern Studies

I also went for the DME as I summed it up and had loads of sources and arguments for and very little against. I thought the DME was pretty good and I managed to get a lot of background knowledge in so hopefully done okay.

Yeh I found the essay questions quite good, and just before we went in I basically had said I would have liked all the questions I got lol. Central Gov one was good and I liked it, same with voting behaviour. Health and wealth was alright but I gave it a good shot hehe, and USA was quite good as well.

I was last one in both exams lol... Hopefully done not bad though =)

#101305 Exam 2008 Post Mortem

Posted by Allan_r_123 on 20 May 2008 - 10:54 PM in Mathematics

QUOTE(Mr H @ May 20 2008, 11:37 PM) View Post
First draft solutions available here: http://www.invergordon.highland.sch.uk/maths-documents.asp

Navigate to Higher > Exam Solutions

I did them really quickly but hopefully no daft mistakes. Will double check tomorrow.

I knew I could rely on you lol. Been checking that website all day ;P CHEERS

#101267 Exam 2008 Post Mortem

Posted by Allan_r_123 on 20 May 2008 - 02:26 PM in Mathematics

erm you could just compress it and upload the file online for us? Or even just upload the images to imageshack.us and post the links

#101266 Exam 2008 Post Mortem

Posted by Allan_r_123 on 20 May 2008 - 02:24 PM in Mathematics

Grr it won't let me view paper 2 even though I am registered and activated

#101258 Exam 2008 Post Mortem

Posted by Allan_r_123 on 20 May 2008 - 01:41 PM in Mathematics

I would be really grateful if you could antollo. Just so I could go over it with my girlfriend and see how shes maybe done, and could even post up my version of answers here for you guys to compare tongue.gif

#101253 Exam 2008 Post Mortem

Posted by Allan_r_123 on 20 May 2008 - 01:30 PM in Mathematics

Lol I was desperate to sit it this year tongue.gif :s lol just out of curioisty i guess hehe

Has no-one got a copy yet still? Or any solutions online?

#101240 Exam 2008 Post Mortem

Posted by Allan_r_123 on 20 May 2008 - 11:31 AM in Mathematics

How did everyone find the exam then?

I didn't sit it myself, but I have been tutoring my girlfriend for the past few weeks after the school told her she shouldn't sit it. I'm confident she will get a solid B, if not an A. (Lol and thats me being realistic! tongue.gif)

I haven't saw a copy of the paper yet myself, so if anyone has one could they please scan it or something for me? I'm eager to have a look at it!

Also, last year a highschool maths dept got some worked solutions to the exam up pretty quickly - just wondering if anyone knew of anywhere with them this year?

Thanks a lot =)

#101152 Higher English 2008

Posted by Allan_r_123 on 16 May 2008 - 10:39 PM in English

I was thinking it had taken a while for this thread to popup lol. I remember when I sat it last year there was one like straight away and there seemed to be quite a few of us had sat it. Maybe theres just less people sitting it on here this year or something...

My girlfriend sat it though and she said she thought it was a fair enough paper. Think her essay were questions were good, but she was saying the close reading q's where a bit unusual or something as there would loads of them but they were for small marks or something?

#101147 HELP!

Posted by Allan_r_123 on 16 May 2008 - 05:27 PM in Modern Studies

Well you kinda are saying that other groups are vulnerable to poverty. In the rebuttal arguments you wold say how the government has reduced poverty for the previous group (either children or elderly) and then go on to state that therefore other groups are more vulnerable to it (such as single parents or whatever). That way you are showing that there are more vulnerable groups...

That sounds good, I am doing International Business at strathclyde smile.gif Scotlands top business skl =D

#101130 HELP!

Posted by Allan_r_123 on 15 May 2008 - 10:29 PM in Modern Studies

Hey - Sorry I didn't get a chance to email you the stuff I promised. I've been pretty hectic lately helping my girlfriend study for her Higher Maths, getting my own studies done and working! lol.

I should have it all sorted for you at some point soon and forward you it though! smile.gif

Erm my teacher was at a big modern studies meeting thing, with the head examiner who sets the exam - and she said he basically hinted at inequalities being a main part in the exam for health and wealth. So she is advising us to really know our inequalities inside out, with what the government has done to solve them and how effective they have been. She has a feeling the powers of the PM and maybe the civil service... she also thinks somethin about voting behaviour with maybe even pressure groups. They are just her general advice though.

Erm in relation to your essay question - I think I would split it into the two sides of how children and elderly are most vulnerable to poverty, then on the other hand how they are not. I would do this by a paragraph at a time, maybe with the first explaining how children are with some reasons (single parents etc.), then a paragraph in rebuttal saying how the government has sorted that so they are not and that there is other groups.
I would then do a paragraph on how the elderly are and their causes, poor income through pension. Then a paragraph how they are not etc.

I think that's the general layout I would take for that one. Yeh I am considering taking politics as an elective study along with my uni course. What are you planning on doing at uni btw?

#101105 HELP!

Posted by Allan_r_123 on 14 May 2008 - 03:18 PM in Modern Studies

Lol yeh I am sitting it this year - in fact I am crashing it. However I just had a brilliant teacher and a really great interest in it so I have been doing quite well throughout and am quietly confident hehe.

First of all - don't worry about only having one international issues question. We only done USA so I don't have a choice either. However, you just need to make use of what you have and therfore know your international issues topic inside out so you will be able to answer any possible question. The way I think of it, by having more than one choice it could just confuse matters for you, so just think as though no other people have choices and it's compulsory just for you to do the South Africa one.

Erm I think I maybe have a few more health and wealth headings as I was just giving you an example there, but I will have a look for you tomorrow (rushing to work soon hehe) and I can email you or something with what I am using. I will also do this for you with some statistics that you can learn and slot into the majority of your essays. I have a note of a good website too with really up to date statistics I will also look out for you. But in the mean time it's wise to just view the bbc website. I have gotten a lot of new statistics that are perfect there, for example inr elation to the success of Sure Start and how child poverty has been reduced in recent years.

I will also summarise government reports for you and send you them. You basically just have to know for them what each shows. It is highly unlikely you will get a specific question on them as you can't particularly analyse them at all. But they are really useful for background knowledge to back you up in the DME and can also be used for extra examples and support within essays.

For a question on how poverty has been reduced, I think I would do the following sort of structure:-
1. Introduction
2. First Cause of Poverty (eg. poor education) and use examples to show how that will make you poor
3. A strategy used to tackle poverty, saying how it has in fact been reduced
4. Another cause of poverty, eg race, once again using examples
5. Strategies to reduce poverty again (in relation to race this time)

I think I would generally use that structure, but I like to quickly scribble down a wee plan before I starty my essays just so I have a set, structure plan to follow.

I will get organised and PM you with the stuff tomorrow. Also feel free to ask any more questions and I will do my best to help! It's jsut lucky I had a brilliant teacher this year smile.gif Al

#101085 Plans?

Posted by Allan_r_123 on 12 May 2008 - 07:11 PM in After School

Lol well I guess you will need to take a gap year now as is it not too late to apply to uni if you have not already? :S lol

My last day of school is tomorrow then we have a big leavers mass and everything. Once I have left this week I plan to party a bit hehe. Then I am gonna get concentrating on passing my exams again and study hard for a few weeks. After that I think it'll just be enjoying the summer and earning some cash before going to strathclyde uni in September to study international business =)

#101079 HELP!

Posted by Allan_r_123 on 10 May 2008 - 02:13 PM in Modern Studies

QUOTE(LegendaryDB @ May 9 2008, 12:13 PM) View Post
My two worst study themes are 1A - Devolved Decision making in Scotland and 2- Health and Wealth

I really need help so here are a few questions someone can hopefully answer

1. How do you revise for modern studies- I usually juust read over my notes and essay
2.To what extent is there a link between income and health? - I know some stuff to write in this essay but i don't know how i would go about structuring it!
3.Critically examine recent government policies to reduce poverty

Basically we have had 6 different teachers this year and we finally got a decent teacher in January. So we got taught the health and wealth unit extremely badly because we had two supply teachers who were retired history teachers and didn't have a clue dry.gif So yeah i'm really worried abut the exam now. I got an A in the prelim, JUST, and i'm worried that i'll end up with a C. I seem to be quite good at the DMEs blink.gif

So any help given would be great


Hey. First of all - i really don't think you have anything to worry about if you got an A in the exam, but it is understandable you are apprehensive about it. Basically, because there is so much course content and the wording of the questions are so variable it is near impossible to memorise every possible essay that could come up. The way I find it best to study for Modern Studies - is to go through each unit and write up a big list of every topic and area within that. For example:-

Unit 1 - Health And Wealth
Original Aims of NHS
Challenges of NHS
Government Reports
Health Inequalities
Gender Inequalities
Racial Inequalities
Link Between Health and Wealth
What Has the Government Done to Tackle Inequalities?
Have these Measures been Successful?

That is just an example, and the way I have done it here is just a rough sample but it illustrates my point. You will be best just to go through each individual unit at a time doing that and then go over each area and just keep revising your notes on the individual sections. Once you have studied one section, tick it off the list as you go and it helps keep you on track. I also find making mind maps helps me with modern studies, something that I actually never really do to study! Once you go through each section doing that, you will find you have a better overall understanding of that whole unit with a deal of background knowledge that you can apply to any type of essay - as well as DME's.

Okay, now the link between income and health. Basically it's common sense to be honest and you just have to remember the general link. If you think about it, If you are poor and have a low income you aren't going to live in a very good area. This means it is likely you will live in poor housing (damp etc.) As a result this will contribute to your poor health. Those living in such run down areas suffer depression and are likely to commit suicide too. Also, people who live in low income are more likely to make poor lifestyle choices (smoke, drink, have a poor diet etc.) all of which obviously linking to poor health. However, interestingly the richer you are you make better lifestyle choices (smoke less, drink less etc.) despite the fact you would think the more wealthy would be the ones to afford to do so.

That's the general link you have to know between income and health - basically that the poorer you are will cause a knock on effect and in turn give you ill health. You should also include some examples such as Men in Drumchapel (a poor area) are 3x as likely to suffer heart disease before aged 65 than men in Bearsden (a well off area). You should try and back up all the points you make ith some evidence and background knowledge.

You should also try and sot government reports into Health and Wealth essays, as they basically confirm that the poorer are unhealthier and also the divide between north and south etc. You should know about The Black Report 1980, Health Survey for England 1998, The Acheson Report 1998, The Bristol University Report 1999 and the Caci Report 2006. I presume you have some notes on these - if not give me a message and I will hook you up with some stuff no bother.

Now - about the 'Critically examine recent government policies to reduce poverty' question.
With the Health and Wealth topic a big area of it is inequalities as I am sure you know. These are with Health and Wealth, Gender and Race. You need to be aware of what causes these inequalities, what the government has done to tackle these and then whether or not they have been successful. These are standard questions that often come up in many forms - but they are quite good to have once you get to know them.
For the Poverty question you asked in particular:-

The Causes of Poverty
Here you should just explain what causes people poverty. This is things like high unemployment, poor education, low pay, part-time work, single parents, being elderly, being disabled, ethnic minorities etc.

What Has the Government Done?
Here you can talk about the policies they have introduced to tackle them. You should mention thigns such as National Minimum Wage, The New Deal, Sure Start, Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, Pension Credit, Equal Pay Act 1970 etc.

How Effective Have These Policies Been
This is where you should analyse the policies individually and conclude on their effectiveness. For example, you would say how the minimum wage has increased the pay for 1.3 million people - but on the other hand the UK minimum wage is very low in comparison to international rates. You could also comment on the pension tax credit by talking of how between 1997 and 2003 poverty fell for both children and pensioners, but statistics show recent government initiatives have been less successful.

The main thing in these questions is being very analytical and concluding on whether or not each policy introduced has been effective.

When answering such essays, keep trying to refer back to the question when concluding.

If you don't have notes on anything I have mentioned or have any further questions please let me know smile.gif Good luck - you will be fine!


Posted by Allan_r_123 on 02 April 2008 - 08:06 PM in Computing

QUOTE(Marcus @ Apr 2 2008, 08:08 PM) View Post
wow this is a lot at once....

true colour is 24 bit colour, and can represent more colours than our eyes can detect, therefore, it can give the colour we see things in, in real (true) life, used in file formats like jpeg.

question 2: This is just common sense I think, advantages of using a general purpose package, so for example using excel with a macro, many people have it so could be easily exportable, can be written with little programming knowledge, that sort of thing.

High level programming language- maybe something like: allows more functionality to be added to the program

question 3: I don't know, lol, maybe just say something like and interrupt line

question 4: I don't know what you mean, from the question it seems as though the length and breadth of the image would be 200x300 (2000x3000), did it give you a bit depth (bits per colour) and what units were the 200x300 pixles, dots per inch (dpi)

question 5: I can't help you with sorry, my school didn't do this (is this part of AI?)

question 6: what do you mean by application based testing? is this software development, or is it application benchmarking in computer systems

I know I seem to have given you more questions than you initially asked, but I hope it was of some help

You've helped a lot thanks.

Erm, I think it may have been 200x300dpi actually....

Q6. it's software development


Posted by Allan_r_123 on 02 April 2008 - 06:39 PM in Computing

Hi there. Tomorrow is my prelim and I am needing some urgent help! lol. My teacher has told us most of what is coming up, but theres a few things I just don't seem to have notes on and/or do not understand. I would be really grateful if anyone could please take any time to try and help...

First of all, there is a question about true colours, explaining what they are and how many bits are used to represent a pixel. I can't seem to find any notes on this at all and haven't even heard of it!

Secondly, there is a question about a woman creating some sort of program to take in users details. It asks an advantage of doing so using a general purpose package, and an advantage of doing so using a high level programming language... Don't really know this either...

Thirdly it talks about a printer having 15 lines or something, and asks about so many being uni or bi-directional. I'm fine with this, but it then asks what the other lines will be used for... I don't have a clue what the other ones would be used for! lol

Also, I am pretty okay with my calculations within all the units but there is one I haven;t even heard of. It tells you an image is 300x200 resolution (I think, may be 3000x2000) and that it is a 5GB image or something... and it asks for you to calculate the length and breadth of the image...

Finally, I am a bit confused with declarative languages. I understand what they are etc. but you have to create a construct using one to describe "Mark is Kim's brother". I do have some examples on this but I just don't understand them at all and don't know how I would go about relating them to the example I have to do.

There is also a question about Application Based Testing I am unsure of.

I know it's quite a bit there lol, but it's stuff that I know is definitely in it and I just really don't understand or know. I would be so grateful for nay help anyone could offer!

Thank you =)

#100864 UCAS Offers

Posted by Allan_r_123 on 12 March 2008 - 06:31 PM in After School

[quote name='Indie_Cindy' date='Mar 4 2008, 07:20 PM' post='100830']
Ahh cool, i was thinking of doing Marketing. Since its international business & modern langages i applied to, then my languages would be my elective subjects =p. Emm yeah im going to it, i hope its interesting && not just one reallyy long lecture.

How did you find it then? lol

Also I got my final offer today - 5 unconditionals ohmy.gif smile.gif

Think im accepting international business @ strathclyde

#100826 UCAS Offers

Posted by Allan_r_123 on 02 March 2008 - 01:22 AM in After School

Erm International business (obvio lol), Human Resource... unsure about the others... perhaps hospitality management and business law... any idea what the "broad range of electives" are made up of btw? lol

What about yourself? BTW you going to the open day thing on the 12th?

#100803 UCAS Offers

Posted by Allan_r_123 on 24 February 2008 - 12:32 PM in After School

QUOTE(Indie_Cindy @ Feb 19 2008, 06:32 PM) View Post
Aww well done everyonee :]
Conditional - Strathclyde : International Business & Modern Languages
Unconditional - Napier : European Business Languages
Unconditional - Stirling : Marketing and Modern Laguages
Unconditional - Glasgow Caledonian : Fashion Marketing

First choice is Strathclyde im well chuffed i got an offer :], still got to here back from Edinburgh but i don't particularly care about there lol!.

Lol I might very well see you for international business @ strathclyde wink.gif

#100785 UCAS Offers

Posted by Allan_r_123 on 17 February 2008 - 11:56 AM in After School

Just got another 2 unconditionals so thats me got 4 now! =)

International business @ strathclyde, and for human resource management with business law @ strathclyde

Now I have my 3 strathclyde unconditionals I am defo going there, just have to decide what to do now! xD

#100717 UCAS Offers

Posted by Allan_r_123 on 25 January 2008 - 05:11 PM in After School

Lol yeh Laura I went to the first one... January 9th at 2pm
What one did you go to?

What was your interview like btw? lol Mines was really relaxed, he just told me what I got and then we had a good chat.