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#68866 music

Posted by Quirkycat on 12 February 2006 - 04:02 PM in General Chat

I'm a metal girl ... Nightwish and Tristania ... basically anything rocky or gothic =)

~ Clare ~

#47961 Higher Chemistry

Posted by Quirkycat on 09 August 2005 - 11:16 AM in Chemistry

I got an A!!!! But I only got a c in the prelim!! Then again, I did use HSN notes to study for my actual exam .. i think that counts for something! biggrin.gif

OMG ... still can't believe it! I'm worried someone will come to my door and be like,
'I'm sorry, it''s a terrible mistake .. you actually failed' ... arrrrgh!

#43330 Jokes/Funny Stuff

Posted by Quirkycat on 19 July 2005 - 03:37 PM in General Chat

LOL! the jokes here are amazing! this was a really good idea, btw, whoever thought of it!

#43329 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Posted by Quirkycat on 19 July 2005 - 03:21 PM in General Chat

I still think the ''Order of the Phoenix'' is da best one ... the ''Goblet of Fire'' was gd but I think the ''Order ...'' has the most AMAZING beginning, even if the end was slightly weak. But yeah, the second half of this book is better than the first, so keep reading! smile.gif

#37005 What Are YOU Listening To?

Posted by Quirkycat on 23 June 2005 - 06:37 PM in General Chat

Um ... at the moment I'm listening to System of a Down, 'Radio/Video' ... btw did anyone go to their concert last week? I didn't, but I know so many people that went, it's quite amazing. wink.gif

#36999 What word do you hate?

Posted by Quirkycat on 23 June 2005 - 06:26 PM in General Chat

QUOTE(abigaildav @ Jun 23 2005, 04:59 PM)

whenever i see something saying "The Rt Hon..." I always think "the retarded honourable...".  dunno why!


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Oh thanks .... next time anyone says/ writes that, I'll burst out laughing and look like a total freak ... lol, just kidding. biggrin.gif That's the word I hate; LOL .... it's so stupid, and pointless, and could mean so many things ... *sigh* rolleyes.gif

I hate all the horrible words for sex too ... ugh, they do sound crude!

(And towhoever mentioned the paper-cut-between-your-toes thing; uuuuuuuuuugh! That made me squirm ... heh, weird word!)

#36993 UNI

Posted by Quirkycat on 23 June 2005 - 06:16 PM in General Chat

Er ... yeah .... I mean Glasgow, Glasgow Uni ... soz, that wasn't very clear! rolleyes.gif

#36984 UNI

Posted by Quirkycat on 23 June 2005 - 05:45 PM in General Chat

I'm going to Glasgow ... but not this year, next. Hopefully! tongue.gif

#30599 What do you look like?

Posted by Quirkycat on 30 May 2005 - 09:22 PM in General Chat

I'm 5'' .. er ... dunno ... over ten tho' (I hate being tall ... I have to, like, bend my knees to talk to my small(ish) friends ... and social dancing in first year was a nightmare when half the boys were smaller than me ... laugh.gif )

So, tall; long dark poker-straight (boring) brown hair and hazel eyes. I'm dying my hair red again soon, tho! biggrin.gif

#30587 Grade Boundaries.

Posted by Quirkycat on 30 May 2005 - 08:58 PM in Chemistry

Why the hell did they make it harder to get an 'A' in Chemi when it's already like, the hardest science? DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE????? mad.gif

*Sniffle* sad.gif

As long as I pass, I'm not going to redo it, but I really want a B+ ... well, good luck everyone! wink.gif

P.s It's 75% for Bio,. too, isn't it?

#30580 Help!

Posted by Quirkycat on 30 May 2005 - 08:44 PM in Chemistry

Wow ... thanks guys ... soz I didn't check back on this post sooner! It was some ancient past paper we did (honestly? What's the point in doing Chemi papers from fifteen years back? The style of questions will have changed totally!) so I'm not too worried about my crappy D in it tongue.gif

Hopefully the exam will go a lot better, lol!

P.S. Yeah, I should have asked my teach ... but she's a real gorgon so I asked my dad instead!

But thanks again for the help! smile.gif

#22936 A little game!

Posted by Quirkycat on 13 May 2005 - 09:38 PM in General Chat

Cool game! Can I join too? smile.gif

#22922 How superstitious are you?

Posted by Quirkycat on 13 May 2005 - 09:28 PM in General Chat

QUOTE(Penguin-Power @ May 11 2005, 02:28 PM)
Cause English is on Friday the 13th. And I'm in seat number 13.  ohmy.gif  ph34r.gif

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Heh ... yeah, my friend had that ... she was freaking out too! Still, English went Ok, right? What choices did everyone pick? I did 1 (someone seeking truth, Death of a Salesman,) and 6 (narrative perspective, for The Outsider)

I'm sure everyone did fine! smile.gif

#21583 Close Reading

Posted by Quirkycat on 07 May 2005 - 08:18 PM in English

QUOTE(cc100 @ Apr 24 2005, 02:34 PM)
If you get to the end question on two passages with only a little time to spare, bullet point the answers.  You might not get full marks for the question, but if you put down a relevant point then you will at least get some credit.

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You could do this, but only if you have to .... better to write a proper mini essay for the last question, but bullet point the others, since the examiner will be looking for a small essay for the last question. (At least, that's what the books I've read say)

You could try not read the passages properly, if you find yourself short of time. You could try just skimming it, or reading the topic sentences. Remember, the questions will direct you to the lines needed, so it might be better to do as someone else suggested, and highlight the lines, then read them when you're actually doing that question. I prefer to read both passages first, but if not reading them works for you, then go for it!

Hope this helps! smile.gif