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#49367 Best Subjects

Posted by Acaila on 15 August 2005 - 01:38 PM in New Sixth Years

DRAMA! Bestest Higher yay!
Music - always fun to mess around in
Geography - was probably more the class, as I always loved going to geog, but the subject's fun too
Modern Studies - though I agree with the point about the 10 mark essays in 17 minutes, and hate reports. The actual material was interesting and we got to watch Question Time in class biggrin.gif

English - hated everything but the SSL and the reflective essay. Especially hated close reading. I generally don't like things that are compulsory
Computing - can be infuriatingly vague
AH Maths - super hard!

#49365 Comparing Highers and As levels

Posted by Acaila on 15 August 2005 - 01:33 PM in Revision and Exams

QUOTE(Discogirl17 @ Aug 1 2005, 04:20 PM)
QUOTE(dondon @ Jul 30 2005, 07:43 PM)
I thought that in england there wasn't a primary 7 you just went to high school after the equvilant of primary six but people generally started their gcses at 11 or 12?

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Thats what I thought. I had a friend who came from Wales and didnt do a P7 and instead went straight to high school after P6, they told me that happened in most places

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Isn't it the case that the names of the years are just a little off?
Instead of P1-7, they have "Reception" then Years 1-6. So seven years in primary, then high school at the end of Year 6. That's just going from what my cousins in England have told me smile.gif

#49364 Anyone going to Abertay?

Posted by Acaila on 15 August 2005 - 01:31 PM in Course Choices

Hey, I might be going to Abertay but I'm not quite sure (missed conditional offer and Abertay is my insurance, but I don't know yet)
If so, I'll be studying computer games technology smile.gif

#47969 SQA 2005 Exam Results Thread

Posted by Acaila on 09 August 2005 - 11:39 AM in Exam Results 2005

1. What are your results? (Grades & Level)

AH Geography - B
AH Maths - D
H Modern Studies - A
H Drama - A
H Music - A

2. Did you meet your expectations?
Probably not

3. If not, are you going to appeal?
Considering an appeal in geography, don't have evidence for maths

4. Have you made any decisions now about what you will do regarding further study/university?
Durham have told me to wait until the A level results are out, so I'm practicing my begging style.

5. How do you feel about your exam results?
Best summed up with "Meh." and some disappointment

6. What time did you receive your results?
Mum came into my room with them at about ten to 8, saying they had been there when she went downstairs this morning. Earlier than last year which was 8 o clock.

#33761 what do everyone think they got in the exam?

Posted by Acaila on 04 June 2005 - 11:01 PM in Modern Studies

Hopefully an A because I think I improved on my prelim smile.gif

#33409 Difficulty of the DME income and wealth

Posted by Acaila on 03 June 2005 - 07:23 PM in Modern Studies

One of the questions was interesting ...it asked you to what extent the first source's argument was supported, and it was contradicted by the Source Cs. All 2 markers in the question section, which makes it feel a bit more easy. Found it quite easy, thought it seemed to take longer than usual.

#33272 Prize Giving

Posted by Acaila on 03 June 2005 - 11:43 AM in General Chat

I'm getting the Advanced Higher Computing prize, even though I dropped it laugh.gif
Also getting AH Geography smile.gif

#32386 Not writing down essay question number...

Posted by Acaila on 02 June 2005 - 10:52 AM in Revision and Exams

Well it's a bit difficult with people coming out with stupid comments like that! rolleyes.gif

#32080 Not writing down essay question number...

Posted by Acaila on 01 June 2005 - 07:32 PM in Revision and Exams

That's one thing I thought. My friend says he thinks we were told in English last year to write the question numbers just to keep the markers sweet.
I don't think there's much that they could definitely mark me down that harshly for, so fingers crossed, but I don't know really sad.gif
It seems quite nasty to punish someone for a tiny little mistake that didn't affect the actual answers sad.gif

#32058 Not writing down essay question number...

Posted by Acaila on 01 June 2005 - 07:14 PM in Revision and Exams

QUOTE(werlop @ Jun 1 2005, 08:03 PM)
You could try contacting the SQA, or you could ask your invigilators to send a note with the exam scripts as they probably have not been sent away yet. They will probably be able to work out which questions you were answering from the context, no?

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My introductions were definitely clear as to what I was answering so I think it's more than obvious which question I did.
I might phone up my upper school rector tomorrow if I get a chance, see if she knows anything/can do anything

#32050 Not writing down essay question number...

Posted by Acaila on 01 June 2005 - 07:01 PM in Revision and Exams

Hey all,
I sat Higher Drama today and had a pretty fabulous paper all told. However, when I got home, I realised that I'm pretty certain I forgot to put down the number of the questions I answered. ohmy.gif
Does anybody know whether this will have an effect on my grade or not? If so what effect?
Please help cos I'm absolutely panicking now blink.gif

#32047 Undesireable subjects.

Posted by Acaila on 01 June 2005 - 06:59 PM in Other

Heya tuppence
The exam really couldn't have been much better for my class as far as essays went. We could have probably done any of the text in a theatrical context questions: the opening scene of Antigone is cool, the whole play is about Antigone being a rebel chick and other characters conforming to the society, there's reams of conflict in several scenes and especially in the one I did for my acting exam, and visual images could be done if you had a decent director's concept. I really was spoilt for choice, and actually left this essay til last to decide between doing it on Antigone being rebellious or on the conflict scene, eventually picking the conflict scene purely because I know my acting exam scene off by heart and it would be easier for quotes. I also have slight preference toward "as a director" questions because I find it more difficult to explain how I act. I managed to work in stuff we'd done during the rehearsal process, basically a written version of how we rehearsed my scene, which was probably quite easy in the end.
Our dramatic commentary was an interesting choice - the first time I've seen them use a sizeable speech. It was a scene a couple of guys in my class did for the acting exam, so I could see some of the moves and such in my head, and my groundplan has always been a 4/4 thing thankfully. Managed to get some cool technical things in with silhouettes and stuff so that should be good smile.gif.
Scottish contemporary - I did the question on gender inequality on Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, The Steamie and Outlying Islands. Basically I took each play and said "this is how the portray women, this is how they portray men, how they're not equal, but women do this so they're just as strong after all". Was actually scarily well structured for an essay of mine biggrin.gif I've had pretty decent marks for Scottish contemp, even when I've ran out of time, so I'm hopeful for that.
Overall, it was a great Antigone essay, and the other two bits were pretty darn good.

I got home, and realised that I'd not put question numbers in the margin like you're supposed to. My mum, who's a teacher, initially said that the markers would assume I'd answered the first question in both sections and mark it accordingly. She's since retracted that and said if my introduction was clear they'll let me off with it, but I'm totally panicking about it now! I phoned my tutor to tell her how it went, and didn't have the guts to tell her, because she was so nervous on our behalfs and I'd cheered her up by being so happy with the paper. I'm quite petrified now sad.gif

Modern Studies was pretty good, only waffled in one essay smile.gif And if I get my grades I'm going to Durham to do Combined Honours in Social Sciences, if not Abertay to do Computer Games Technology. But I'm not so keen on Abertay because they don't have a drama soc and I don't want to have to set my own one up biggrin.gif I would though if it came to that biggrin.gif You going to carry on with drama?

#30327 EXAM 2005

Posted by Acaila on 30 May 2005 - 03:45 PM in Modern Studies

Hey all! smile.gif
Congratulations on getting through it smile.gif

I thought overall it was pretty decent paper. The only thing I could think of to make it easier was make the second Decision Making in Central Government essay about the Prime Minister rather than the Cabinet.
I did A4 - FPTP as I had revised it last night, and impact of the media because I did an LO1 timed essay on it yesterday. Fabulous luck in the questions persuaded me to abandon pressure groups even though I got full marks in the prelim on a similar essay.
For Income and Wealth, I did part b) on welfare to work. I'm the only person so far that I've found to have done it, with everyone else going for unemployment, but I revised this the other day as it seemed to come up in past papers and I'm quite happy with it.
I did South Africa for the international question. Considered doing America, but the word "factors" in the first essay put me off, and I couldn't remember figures for the second. The multiparty democracy was a gift as well, but the social and economic inequality required some waffling on my part as I hadn't revised for it.

Regarding the DME, I do Income and Wealth, and thought it was pretty good. The questions were quite easy I thought, and they were all only 2 marks which was great. I said that they should keep the opt out clause, as with most DMEs, because I felt the sources supported that view better rather than from any personal opinion. Actually ran out of time more on this paper than on the first one, which is a very strange thing for me.

Overall, I'm a happy bunny about the paper smile.gif

#29821 Higher Music Instruments

Posted by Acaila on 29 May 2005 - 12:43 PM in Other

Yes, I'm sure they're doing it to try and make sure music isn't elitist. But I don't think they should make the subject of such low standard that it's worthless. At the end of fourth year, I was sightreading Higher Extension Keyboard pieces perfectly, and much though I would like to be, I'm no Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Speaking of which, the difference in difficulty between instruments is quite nasty. Keyboard and glockenspiel are ridiculously easy, wheras things like piano are damn hard. Euphonium was admittedly not too bad for the most part (as a second instrument, though two out of my three pieces could have done for a first instrument). Dumbing down rolleyes.gif

#29740 International Issues

Posted by Acaila on 28 May 2005 - 11:00 PM in Modern Studies

How many international issues have you studied in school?
Also how many do you plan to revise for the exam?

I've done USA and South Africa, but always disregarded USA because I never did any work for it (I teach myself with work provided by a teacher). I just seem to have forgotten all my South Africa stuff and America seems a bit easier so I'm not sure if I should study for both after all sad.gif

#29737 Higher Music Instruments

Posted by Acaila on 28 May 2005 - 10:57 PM in Other

My teacher said it used to be like grade 7 or something you needed to be for Higher. I think they really have dumbed it down sad.gif

#29734 Undesireable subjects.

Posted by Acaila on 28 May 2005 - 10:56 PM in Other

I got a middle of the road B in the prelim, and need an A for uni. Admittedly I hadn't even started studying one of the units, and my teacher is apparently a hideously notorious marker (he gave a 20/20 example report from the SQA 15/20!!!) so fingers crossed I'll make it. Though I've admittedly only done one essay since the prelim and that was a slightly untimed NAB dry.gif
Practice essays are therefore the object of tomorrow....my knuckles seem sore at the mention!
I think I might stay at school after the mod studs exam to study in the library for drama. Practice essays might not go amiss in that either..... I would have done much more for drama this week if I didn't need modern studies sad.gif Stupid conditional offer! Speaking of which, what are you planning to do next year?

A Higher Drama forum would be a great idea actually....they can have all my essays if they want biggrin.gif

#29436 Undesireable subjects.

Posted by Acaila on 28 May 2005 - 12:55 PM in Other

QUOTE(tuppence @ May 28 2005, 12:08 PM)
I still haven't done any revision :/ I've been too busy doing other stuff (such as shopping - I'm a great student, me).

We've been told to have two main plays to refer to in our answers and then at the end bring in another few references to other plays. So I usually refer to three, and then maybe add in another wee bit about something else.

I don't know if that made any sense, I'm still half asleep sad.gif

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{continues hijacking}

I think if I'm really pushed for time I'll only refer to two main plays. Just a case of dealing with them in the right order I reckon (some I can say more about than others).
I've done no revision for drama since last Saturday (unless you count reciting my Antigone scene in the shower to check I still know it revision). Got Modern Studies on Monday which I need an A in so I have to study pretty hard this weekend sad.gif. So long as I get time to go over the Steamie I'll be happy though I think smile.gif

#29272 Higher Music Instruments

Posted by Acaila on 27 May 2005 - 06:25 PM in Other

1 - Piano
2 - Euphonium

#29119 Essays/how to revise

Posted by Acaila on 27 May 2005 - 02:59 PM in Modern Studies

I'm doing Income and Wealth too! It's a horrible unit sad.gif I didn't write any essays at all in class for it, so I don't really have much to revise. Any help would be much appreciated.

To revise, I take an essay question and then write out bullet points for an answer. Worked for the prelim, so hopefully it will work again smile.gif

#28060 Undesireable subjects.

Posted by Acaila on 25 May 2005 - 07:26 PM in Other

Before I dropped AH Computing I had two exams/three papers on the same day! wacko.gif My best friend (the one I mentioned who got 74% on his theory) still has Higher Mod Studs and Higher Computing on that day, a day off, then drama. But he doesn't need any of them for uni - lucky sod!
So far I've gone through Antigone, Passing Places, and half of Outlying Islands looking up quotes. Still to do The Steamie (one I really need to study most) and Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (which is not so urgent, and I think I've lost my script, but it is fortunately my own script). I'll do hopefully at least one practice timed essay for each part. Timing is usually where I fall down, as in my last Contemp. Scottish essay I only got two plays in because I ran over in my Antigone essay. How many plays do you usually refer to in that question?

#27981 Higher Music

Posted by Acaila on 25 May 2005 - 04:28 PM in Other

Pretty hard paper sad.gif
But it had LOTR so was enjoyable to listen to at least biggrin.gif

#27617 Undesireable subjects.

Posted by Acaila on 25 May 2005 - 07:37 AM in Other

QUOTE(tuppence @ May 24 2005, 03:41 PM)
Well, my teacher is an examiner so it may well have been her! Did your examiner have short brown hair and tartan (or other, equally as patterned,) trousers? If so, that was probably Ms James. biggrin.gif

Sounds like you did really good in your acting - well done smile.gif Ouch @ bleeding cheek & other injuries, though!

I did House of Bernarda Alba (yawn) and Bondagers (erk). In the pre-lim I got about 17/18 out of 20 for them (how I managed that I have no idea). But I sort of messed up the exam! House went okay, but Bondagers was not so great. One of the other girls in Bondagers forgot to say one of her lines so that part of the play got a bit muddled up as everyone began saying whatever line they could think of and I couldn't for the life of me think what line to say! After we'd finished, the examiner made us do that bit again cos I "mucked up, as usual" (those were the examiners words. I realise now that he was just having a laugh but at the time I was feeling a bit sensative and was raging at him! Haha!)

I'm just hoping to do well in the writing to compensate for the acting. My teacher's said she thinks I'm capable of a high A blink.gif No pressure there then...!

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She definitely had short brown hair, not sure about the trousers. Her first name was Melissa btw(our tutors have a habit of going by first names). She seemed pretty cool, and told us we get our acting marks back in August woohoo!

17/18 is a really great mark! The highest in our class on our Antigone prelim was a 17 and there's loads of us, so very well done biggrin.gif
That was soooo mean of the examiner! Especially when you're that stressed - I had a couple of people yelling at me because I *didn't* have stage fright, and my tutors were getting all teary on us. A couple of people in my class really had problems with lines and I think they were still making it up as they went along in the exam. Improvisation keeps things interesting biggrin.gif
I'm going for a high A as well - 83% in the second prelim we did, with apparently some harsh marking on the dramatic commentary, no mention of set in an Antigone essay about design concept, and only spending half an hour on my contemporary Scottish essay. Hopefully my practical will be up there as well {crosses fingers}
Our teachers are quite the opposite on predictions - they wanted to predict me a B before I whinged a lot, and my friend got 16 on his acting and 74% on the prelim, and they originally predicted him a C/B (the /B only being there because they thought he was a versatile actor and would do well on the other acting piece).
How are you getting on with revision?

#26997 Undesireable subjects.

Posted by Acaila on 24 May 2005 - 07:37 AM in Other

QUOTE(tuppence @ May 23 2005, 03:43 PM)
Acaila! Not seen you around here for quite some time, fellow Drama kid!

I totally agree about Drama essays being scarier than English. They're horrible. Although, as they're only out of 20 as opposed to 25 in English (and History. Oh my. History essays are loathsome.) they seem less.... daunting?

How did your acting exam go?

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Strangely enough, I think I might have had your drama teacher for it! I'm pretty sure she was from Elgin anyway.

I did the Antigone/Creon/Ismene scene from Antigone, and as I said earlier, the second Brodie/Mackay scene from Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. Antigone scene was cool cos I did it as a punk (made my own choker out of safety pins and stuff like that). My friend that played Creon kept on hurting me when we did it though - in our prelim video my cheek is bleeding, our nab/second prelim he stood on ...my chest, and we did a kinda showcase thing the evening after our exam and he punched me in the mouth during it. This being the bit that one of our tutors pretty much choreographed in case one of us got hurt! bah! I think it was decent - I got 15 in the prelim for it, and apparently the second prelim was the best they had seen it and the exam was better so {fingers crossed}. I'm told the Brodie scene was good, although I was in the play myself 3 years ago, so I was always comparing myself to our Mackay in that, and was never sure about myself in it. But I managed to sustain Edinburgh accent I think biggrin.gif Apparently the examiner was laughing along with the scene so that was good. And my mum liked it therefore it must have been wonderful hehe biggrin.gif
What about you? What did you do and how did it go?

#26705 Undesireable subjects.

Posted by Acaila on 23 May 2005 - 02:30 PM in Other

QUOTE(tuppence @ Apr 30 2005, 05:11 PM)
QUOTE(Discogirl17 @ Apr 25 2005, 04:15 PM)
The business school is Strathclyde has a list of preffered highers. This list does not include PE/Art but does include Admin and Drama. I suppose its all subjective which courses are good and which are not.

Conclusive proof that Drama is far better than Art.

[No, honestly, there's no rivalry or petty hatred between the Drama and the Art students at my school. And honestly I'm not a bitter Drama kid who resents the Art kids for always getting to the lifts first wink.gif]

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Essays and such from Higher Drama are probably even more scary than Higher English essays. Referring to multiple texts, and the questions being about things like social change and gender issues and that requires a good deal of maturity. As well as the wider reading, confidence and all that you get from it. Plus you're likely to get involved with the drama scene at uni and they'd probably like that.
Art is just for kids who think they're cool to swan around and hang out in art rooms rather than in the common room. Snobs! biggrin.gif