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#100953 United Kingdom Asylum Policy

Posted by linds on 30 March 2008 - 10:29 AM in General Chat

Is this by any chance an essay question? Hahaha...

It's not really something I know a lot about to be perfectly honest. But here's one for you, fact fans. My friend campaigns against the unfair treatment of asylum seekers in Scotland. They've won awards, been in BBC documentaries, and despite interviewing her for an assignment at the beginning of the semester, I'm still pretty clueless about the ins and outs of it. Oops.

#100952 Favourite Albums?

Posted by linds on 30 March 2008 - 10:26 AM in General Chat

In no particular order (because I can't pick), top five that spring to mind right now...

Snow Patrol - Final Straw
Mainly because I love Gary Lightbody and would consider having his babies if he asked me to, but also because this album is just perfection from start to finish. I still get a bit teary at points in it.

McFly - Room on the Third Floor
I'm so terrribly predictable, I know. But this was McFly's first album. The band at their best, great memories, pure cheese from back in the day before they took themselves too seriously and when the love was still strong. It's not any more. It makes me sad.

The Enemy - We'll Live and Die in These Towns
There's not a bad song on it. Foot-stomingly infectious, I love it.

Idlewild - The Remote Part
Reminds me of being 16/17, Idlewild at their very best.

The View - Hats Off to the Buskers
I love this album. Strong theme runs throughout, great songs, great for bobbing your head about to whilst getting ready for a night out (hopefully not during mascara application), just all together fab.