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#101495 Odd request - but please say what you think

Posted by Ali89 on 03 September 2008 - 01:51 PM in General Chat

Cutting a very long story short, im amidst a huge project at the moment involving the now largely abandoned victorian "lunatic asylums" across Scotland.

All Im looking for here, is just to write down a short phrase or something that sums up what you imagine these places to be / have been. Im just looking for a general picture of what the general publics knowledge or perceptions of these old mental hospitals are.

("lunatic asylum" was the name given to old mental hospitals before the NHS took over in the 40's).

the main bulk of asylum history in scotland is between 1780's when the first one was built in Montrose - to the 1990's, when almost all old asylums were closed down. Only a small hand-full remain in operation today


#100525 Complex numbers

Posted by Ali89 on 10 November 2007 - 01:24 PM in Mathematics

QUOTE(George @ Nov 7 2007, 08:42 AM) View Post
Just to give a little bit of explanation, we start with \frac1{a+bi}. If we multiply the a+bi by its complex conjugate, a-bi, then we'll just get a real number.

So if we multiply by 


, we'll get a real number on the bottom. Also, we've just multiplied by 1 so our answer is the same as the original expression.

If you remember "rationalising the denominator" from Standard Grade, it's a bit like that.

cheers guys. Sorry, clearly had a blonde moment as this is pretty easy stuff. Also thought as well that seeing as 1 is a complex number anyway (1 + 0i) - then you could do (1+0i)/(complex number) and that would do the same thing. Slight bit more faffin' around though doing the latter.

Thanks again.

#100502 Complex numbers

Posted by Ali89 on 04 November 2007 - 05:56 PM in Mathematics


was wondering if anyone could help out with a niggling problem.

Complex numbers as a whole is fine- but i can't figure out (or find a lot of info)- on finding out how to calculate the reciprocal of a complex number!


1 / (a + bi)

Thanks in advance folks.