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Prelim Results

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How were your results?

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#41 Allana

    Child Prodigy

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  • Interests:Feel free to add me to your MSN, and I'll be happy to answer any questions on there.<br /><br />Standard Grade Results 2005<br /><br />8 ones in english, maths, chemistry, biology, physics, modern studies, graphics and french<br /><br />Higher Results 2006:<br /><br />Maths - A<br />English - A<br />Chemistry - A<br />Human Biology - A<br />Modern Studies - A<br /><br />In 6th Year I will be studying Chemistry, Biology and English all to Advanced Higher Level.<br /><br />Applying to study Medicine for 2007 entry :)
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Posted 22 February 2006 - 10:26 PM

Got all of my results back now.
AAAAB biggrin.gif

Woohoo smile.gif
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#42 TempName123

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    if your really interested you can just ask!

    (and the womb bit works in the forums where it says "from" but not here duh just makes me sound.. well... weird!)
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Posted 27 February 2006 - 09:12 PM

emm.. A for adv higher computing so far. all i got back

Product design is throw up. could be anything

And maths.. ahh the joys of adv higher maths! i've seen my teacher 3 times now. neither of us have mentioned it laugh.gif

#43 Klass Clown

    Good Effort

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  • Interests:Lods... Im pretty much interested by everything but my main hobbies are:<br />-Art, of course, creating and observing.<br />-Music (I tend to be flexible when it comes to genres but Im a massive hip-hop fan)<br />-Sadly, politics (always taken an interest)<br />-And since studying Higher History Ive become very interested and fascinated by Nazi Germany (and all those crazy wee Neo-Nazi cults)<br />-Ive resently developed a craze for chuck taylors as well.<br /><br />Well thats basicaly it, obviously Im in to movies and reading and stuff like that but I presume most people are. (Oh, and the internet but most people on here probably are - lol... yeah that was kinda rubbish.)
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Posted 15 March 2006 - 06:44 PM

I got

'A'- art (79%)
'B'-modern studies(61%)
Fail- english

im overall kinda pleased, but realy dissapointed in english as i thought i had done well. history would have been a decent B by last years marking scheme

just thought this was amazing; a guy at my school got 100% in his advanced higher maths prelim! 100%! blink.gif
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#44 ermd

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Posted 16 March 2006 - 09:19 AM

AH Geography - A
H Info Sys - A
H Computing - A
H Physics - A

#45 Yurimaru

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Posted 22 March 2006 - 10:10 AM

AH Geography - A
H Modern Studies - A
H History - B
H Chemistry - B
AH English - C

English doesn't matter though - I only need to pass two essays this year because I'm only doing the unit assessments. And although I got an A for the prelim, I'm still only predicted a C for Geography...
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