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Higher Maths Past Paper Solutions

Higher Maths Past Paper SolutionsThe 2013/14 edition of our book of past paper solutions for Higher Maths is now available. It provides full solutions to all the papers in the official past paper book, including the 2013 exam.

This will come in handy during revision because you'll be able to check all the steps in your work (the official past paper book only gives you the final answer).

You can order your copy for just 5.99 and all orders placed with us qualify for free delivery.

See more details and order online.

The New Term

Using our notes for courses such as Higher Maths and Higher Chemistry, you can keep on top of the new year of learning.

SQA Exam Results 2012

The SQA exam results were released on Tuesday 7th August, and the overall pass rate for Highers has increased by 1.8% on last year.